Stillage cage composting: Tips and benefits


Video: Tips and benefits of stillage cage composting (9:09)

Getting organised and benefiting from the change. Lakeside Drive Community Garden (LDCG) takes composting seriously and is reaping the benefits.

  • Upcycled infrastructure has been put in place to compost at scale.
  • Household and commercial food waste is being combined with locally available mulch to make microbe-rich and healthy compost.
  • Premium garden soil at $55/m3 is no longer being imported.
  • No-dig-gardening is the easy gardening method being adopted.
By holding onto and diverting your household paper and cardboard waste - you are sequestering your carbon. Yes! You can feel good about this.
It doesn't take much to redirect your food waste to realise the benefits. 

We love the stillage cage composter, 120 litre wheelie bin and post hole digger/auger combo for composting at scale locally. This brief video (9:09) shows you the basic steps and helps explain the benefits we share. We love the fact that you can substitute mulch for waste paper and cardboard. The effect of this is that householders can save their paper, cardboard and organic waste at home and take it to a nearby community garden.

    Easy, loop closing steps!

    Carbon sequestration starts at home! You can benefit physically and mentally by participating with nature and others. In return for your valuable and enriching contribution to community composting, please help out by taking a pinapple home in a pot and watch it thrive in the compost we make together. New habits and happiness! Enjoy watching your pinapple grow to pick, eat, enjoy and come back for more. Repeat and celebrate everything.

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