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  • The myth of ‘home-compostable’ plastics

    Study shows 60% of plastics certified for home composting don’t break down. Source of image: Jan Woitas / Picture Alliance via Getty Images Source...
  • How to make HOT compost (Source: Good Life Permaculture)

    All you need to know about good (HOT) composting We wanted to find out the ideal operating temperature range for the large stillage cage composter...
  • Large scale composting with cardboard

    How can waste paper and cardboard EMPOWER householders? Every scrap of our household waste is embodied energy. The trick is, getting that embodied...
  • Stan, his nose and the escaping mice.

    A very funny video. Stan has a nose for finding (five) rodents. That's about it. Ha. Enjoy!
  • Tap the energy passing through your hands and the energy at your disposal is abundant

    Enduring and remarkable. Vale Jack Newton. Vibe high.  (30.1.1950 - 15.4.2022) Source: Newcastle Herald How much do we spend and how much ...
  • Stillage cage composting: Tips and benefits

    Your carbon sequestration starts at home with a kitchen caddy! 

    You've heard the call - the world needs to act. But how?

    For community composting, locally and at scale - we love the stillage cage composter, 120 litre wheelie bin and post hole digger/auger combo. This video (9:09 min.) shows you the basic steps and benefits we share.

    The effect of this is that householders can save their paper, cardboard and organic waste at home and take it to a nearby community garden, compost and take home a pineapple plant.

  • Building, owning and operating a stillage cage composter

    The definition of happiness: Building a stillage cage composter in the garden to help create energy rich compost from waste. It's a blessing to be...