Independent Living Skills

The kitchen is for everyone. This is where we prepare our food to power our activities.

Our role is to help you build your skills to be independent.

Achieve your goals!

In your kitchen, in your home, this is the place where you return, reflect on your daily achievements, recharge and get back out there to do it all again the following day. Fulfilled and worthy of respect. 

Your kitchen is an important place. 

Our support workers provide support to people with disability to help them improve their daily living skills. Skills for greater independence to live your best life possible. 

With your goals and interests in mind, we assist with: 

  • healthy meal planning and cooking.
  • managing money.
  • domestic skills such as laundry and cleaning.
  • personal care and hygiene.
  • organising and attending appointments.
  • connecting with friends, family with good social skills.

Contact us if you would like to share our kitchen.