Supported Employment

Times are changing. This is our new Wash Against Waste (WAW) trailer with commercial dishwasher to help ELIMINATE single use plastic waste.

Meaningful work is fulfilling.

SWNT Advocates for the Supported Employment Services Award 2020.

We love composting at Lakeside Drive Community Garden (LDCG). Our thanks go to the City of Darwin for a recent grant to help build new composters.

With the composters built, our new goal is to separate the Parap market compostable waste and use it at LDCG to help build microbe rich soil, grow fresh fruit and vegetables and teach good food security skills. 

Community engagement, participation and empowerment.


We are in the process of finalising arrangements to operate a trial from early April to late June 2024.

After the trial, we will be looking to engage support workers and participants to join us in our meaningful and beneficial work.

Is that you, or do you know someone who would love to join us in some work at our local markets?

We’re committed to providing meaningful pathways to employment and skills development.

Contact us now. We'd love to hear from you.