Tap the energy passing through your hands and the energy at your disposal is abundant

Enduring and remarkable. Vale Jack Newton. Vibe high. 

(30.1.1950 - 15.4.2022)

Source: Newcastle Herald

How much do we spend and how much have we got?

These are the questions of our time, and in our ever-changing and perhaps uncertain world - value is as important as ever.

Look at your waste!

In the great depression of the 1930s we made the most of everything. There was incredible scarcity with very little to use and share around. Old newspapers were cut up and used as toilet paper.

It was a case of; today's news story, tomorrow's sanitary wipe. Decades have passed and things are very different now. A mobile phone is no substute...

Years have passed but our approach to being resourceful hasn't. We are all blessed with inbuilt intelligence. Within our DNA is an instinct to get the absolute most out of everything that passes through our hands - when things are scarce - when we are mindful.

You trust your instincts, make conscious decisions, review, refine, appreciate and celebrate the results of your good work. You may as well.

You keep a positive attitude.

A positive attitude, like Jack's after he lost an eye and an arm in a horrific accident. At the age of 33 Jack was a professional golfer who was struck down in his prime. What did he do? 

‘‘That put things in perspective for me. I thought, s#!t, I’m not that badly off really. To play golf you psychologically have to be pretty tough. You’re on your own and it’s such a difficult game. I think that helped me as far as my mental strength went and I’ve always maintained that people who have these sorts of things happen to them, the worst thing is pity because that will drive you to sit in the corner for the rest of your life." 

‘‘All I needed was the support of friends and family.’’

With great satisfaction, Jack got back to playing golf.

A positive attitude, like the journey of Nelson Mandela's lengthy 27 year imprisonment, is something that strengthens you. Nelson walked out stronger, smiling and thankful. Looking through bars, Nelson imagined a better world. Upon his release, he then took actions to help create.

Empowerment is a process of thinking followed by actions 

You live with purpose and this gives you an energy. When you have energy there is plenty to share. You pass it on. Consciously or unconsciously, hang around someone who vibes high and you vibe high too. Hardly rocket science. Hardly technological.

Vibing high is more biological. Microbial. You can feel it in your core and this powers you on. You want more.

When you make a conscious decision to take a closer look at whay you buy, touch, and throw you develop an awareness of what pleases Nature.

Nature, you appreciate, is the source of ALL power. Praise be!

Nature has a place for everything and loves everything in place

This includes you, me and all of us. As a product of Nature, us human beings play an important part like all of Nature's gifts. You help close your loop, find some alignment, trust your instincts, observe, review, refine, appreciate and celebrate the results. You may as well.

All of Nature's creatures do!

You keep a positive attitude because you notice the changes. You vibe high and the loop of benefits you help create manifest and bloom. Boom! Good feelings are boundless and like this - you are the centre of creativity.

Creativity is limitless

The reality is that YOU are in control of what is in your hands... Every scrap of waste is embodied energy and in this game of life the way we live and celebrate our waste is a possible job for empowerment and sharing.

So repurpose your waste!

A purpose of repurposing embodied energy for benefits to share - is a job worth having!

Back to our question: How much do we spend and how much have we got?

Tap the energy we have passing through our hands and the energy at our disposal is abundant.

We live in a time of abundance!

Together, respectfully - we are a force. Vibe high. 

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