Collection: Plate, bowl and cup hire (Bin Pros)

Bin Pros are change agents!

  1. With tools for instinctive adaptation, sequestration and repurposing.
  2. Help identify, separate and effectively repurpose the embodied energy of your waste.
  3. Develop lived knowledge to help advocate for changes to processes and packaging. 
  4. Create meaningful jobs.
  5. Improve food security.
  6. Find an easy balance with nature.

There is power in every scrap. Celebrate everything.  

Task No.1: Get yourself a kitchen caddy!

A kitchen caddy is your low-hanging fruit. An excellent and easy start.

Results are immediate!

Now is a good time to learn more about what we buy, touch and throw and a kitchen caddy is the place for your daily scraps. 

Landfill is NO place for food waste! 

  • Food waste in  landfill  takes energy, creates methane, smell and adds to the toxic leachate at the bottom of the pile.  
  • Food waste in a  garden  gives energy, feeds effective microbes and creates compost/black gold for use in no-dig gardening, fresh food growing, engaging with Nature, food security, community empowerment, improved mental health outcomes and so much more. The power of microbes manifested!

Bin Pros: Repurposing our embodied energy as we throw! One fast way to help transition to a low GHG emission economy.

ABC123, Bin Pros start with the basics.

The answers to taking effective action NOW is in your typical waste streams and Bin Pros (PROWSE) get this. 

As you throw - take aim!

You already direct your aim at red and yellow bins. The next satisfying step is to get your food waste into a kitchen caddy and into a composter.

With bins in place and a little mindfulness, contamination is something we can manage 

  • You CAN make a difference.
  • You CAN appreciate the benefits.

Task No.1: Get yourself a kitchen caddy!

WeBU is in the process of procuring more stillage cage composters for community composting.

Easily and naturally; magnificent microbes manifested.

You'll be able to drop in with your compost bucket, enjoy a composting workshops with a filtered coffee, chat, marvel at the compost end product and perhaps help pot and take home a tomato plant.

Bring a mate. Share some garden life.

Bin Pros get it. Celebrate everything.

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