We're playing a long game.

It takes time to find answers, solutions, bring people along and help embed new waste handling habits. 

As we progress, we provide Blended Value.

Blended Value: Good for you, the community and environment.

Waste Energy Benefits Us (WeBU) is an innovator and facilitator of practical products and processes to help drive the circular economy through individual, community and stakeholder participation.

By participating in a microbe-led-recovery, we use the embodied energy of our waste to help create benefits. 

Our role:

  • Develop, apply and champion innovations and actions to help change waste habits.
  • Think globally, act locally! Use kitchen caddies and stillage cage composters to help engage householders to take rubbish trucks off roads and out of circulation.
  • Act locally in our global community to help create meaningful jobs, repurpose waste, close loops, sequest carbon at source and share the benefits of the embodied energy realised. Improve outcomes!
  • To demonstrate living with Blended Value: Good for you, the community and environment.
  • We retail products to help make acting sustainably as easy as possible. Our products include; kitchen caddies, bokashi buckets, biochar, home composters and large scale, community, school or business operated stillage cage composters.
  • Activate, collaborate and empower householders: With the benefits of no-dig-gardening including fresh fruit and vegetable productiion, enhanced food security, greater confidence, knowledge, satisfaction and improve connection, mental health and wellbeing. Wow!
  • Last but not least, we are support workers and carers engaged in meaningful employment and community engagement. From this, magic happens!
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