Bokashi One Mix - 4 Kg Sack

Bokashi One Mix - 4 Kg Sack

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Bokashi One Mix ferments the waste in the Bokashi One™ Bucket, eliminating unpleasant odours. When the waste is buried in the soil, the mix accelerates the breakdown of the waste and adds life and nutrients to the soil.

Bokashi One Mix can also be used as a great compost starter!

Bokashi One Mix packaged in hessian sacks, provides our customers with a great plastic bag alternative. Bokashi One Mix is best stored in an airtight environment; however, the effectiveness of the mix will not be compromised if stored in an open container or sack for 3-4 weeks. As Bokashi One Mix contains living microorganism, it is important to keep it dry and away from sunlight or direct heat. If storing for more than 4 weeks, store hessian sacks in an airtight container or large plastic bag.

The hessian sack has many uses and can be used multiple times, it is also compostable. While it would take up too much space in a Bokashi One Bucket, it could be cut up and buried or added to other composting systems. The hessian sack can also be used a mulch, it will help with moisture retention, it can also be used when germinating seeds and as a worm farm blanket.

  • 4kg Hessian Sack of Bokashi Mix
  • We mature each of our batches of Bokashi One Mix to ensure that the microbes have multiplied and thoroughly inoculated the bran.
  • We use the highest quality microorganisms in every batch.

  • Beneficial Microorganisms fermented with Molasses, carried on a mixture that may include: Wheat, Bran, Pollard, Rice Hulls and Sawdust. 
  • Please note: Mix contains living microorganisms. 
  • Ensure contents are kept dry in a sealed bag or airtight container.