Collection: REBATE: Palmerston Home Composting

This is a great offer for City of Palmerston residents.

Get yourself a home composter and get a $50 rebate.

As an added sweetener, we are throwing in our kitchen caddy worth $9.50. A great combo.

As a community, our strategy is to reduce 50% of kerbside waste going to landfill by 2030. You can help us achieve this. 

Our No.1 Goal: To keep your compostable waste at home on your property!

Composters like these (made from 100% recycled plastic) are a great place to simply throw and forget your scraps. The lid seals and Nature looks after returning the goodness to your soil.

Alternatively, you can use your homemade, microbe rich compost to grow fresh fruit and veg, provide food security and improving your mental health and wellbeing.

The dry is around the corner and tomatoes BOOM in good compost. Go for it!

Select and purchase a composter now and use this City of Palmerston link to your rebate.

Delivery: Please choose our delivery service when checking out. 

That's unless you can pick up from our Parap Markets stall or have a trailer, ute, or a good-sized boot. Most of our composters are big! 

We are disability support workers with another goal of providing meaningful supported employment. Pay us $12 for your Darwin/Palmerston delivery and help us provide a participant with community engagement and a modest income. 

Celebrate everything.

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